Makerspaces connect people and projects in Vancouver

EAST VANCOUVER ARTIST Jodi Stark turns found and reclaimed wood into jewellery, picture frames, and tables. [...]


Rain Man: How one Tucson resident harvests the rain

By Dan Kraker When it comes to rainfall, Tucson is not the beneficiary of Mother Nature’s [...]

Tucson's resident rainwater guru Brad Lancaster explains how he has transformed the sidewalk along his street into an oasis of hardy desert shrubs and fruit-bearing succulents. Lancaster cut away the curb where storm runoff from the street can flow to where it is needed to water plants and has shaped the landscape to make full use of the desert's sparse rainfall. Nick Cote / For MPR News

Incorporating biomimicry into building design

Matthew Webb, Umow Lai | 14 August 2014 In the past 20 years there have been [...]


Making houses out of mushrooms

By Golda ArthurBBC News Much of the construction industry depends on fossil fuels, creating a [...]

Buildings made from natural resources are challenging conventions in design

Nut farming hard to crack in Vermont

By Lynn Monty ELMORE – Pears dropped with a distinct plunk as David Fried ambled through [...]


A Believer in Vacant Lots Urban Farming’s Grande Dame: Karen Washington

Karen Washington, a community activist who has been called “urban farming’s de facto godmother,” found [...]


Rural Duluth farmer implements sustainable methods

Kristin Gibbs and Charlie Danielson have turned an old gravel pit filled with pine trees [...]


Permaculture advocate says work with nature, not against it

Ferintosh producer Takota Coen says carefully designed mixed farms are the way of the future [...]

Takota Coen has planted fruit and nut trees between his pasture land and a 1.5-kilometre swale that collects run-off from his annual crop field and feeds his farm’s drip irrigation system — creating a sustainable system that balances water management, perennial crops, and annual Jennifer Blair